[VIDEO] Topic Tuesday: Dispersion and Tip Speed

Ole Martin Kristiansen | November 14, 2017

Welcome to the first of our brand new video series; Topic Tuesday, brought to you by the Exilva Blog. Topic Tuesday is dedicated to one specific topic, providing you with information on cellulose fibrils straight from the top of our head. We'll kick it all of with a discussion about the importance of correct dispersion and how the effect of tip speed affects the end result.

Today's topic: Dispersion and tip speed

We are really occupied on the correct dispersion of cellulose fibrils these days, and in today's discussion we would like to share our ideas on why the topic of tip speed can open your eyes on how to disperse adequately in an industrial scale.


Today I am joined by Borregaard Exilva's CTO Hans Henrik Øvrebø and Research Scientist (and dispersion expert) Harrison Chr. Gallantree-Smith, in this discussion and walk-through video.

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Written by:

Ole Martin Kristiansen

Ole Martin is the Marketing Manager of Exilva in Borregaard. He holds a bachelor's degree in Media Management and has been with the company since 2017.