[VIDEO] Topic tuesday: Sag vs. leveling. Can you handle 'em both?

Ole Martin Kristiansen | October 9, 2018

A fast viscosity recovery is good, and some times crucial, but that would also affect the leveling, right? In this weeks Topic Tuesday, we discuss how you can cope with the issue of getting fast recovery - and avoid sag - while getting your coating layer in level. We may also have some exciting ideas for you if you have problems with cracking. 

Otto Soidinsalo, Technical Application Manager in the Cellulose Fibrils division in Borregaard, brings you the latest over a coffee cup together with Marketing Manager Mats Hjørnevik,  


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Written by:

Ole Martin Kristiansen

Ole Martin is the Marketing Manager of Exilva in Borregaard. He holds a bachelor's degree in Media Management and has been with the company since 2017.