[VIDEO] Topic Tuesday: Cellulose fibrils compatibility with solvents

Ole Martin Kristiansen | November 28, 2017

Once again, welcome to Topic Tuesday, brought to you by the Exilva Blog. Topic Tuesday is dedicated to one specific topic, providing you with information on cellulose fibrils straight from the top of our head. Today we will introduce you to cellulose fibrils' compatibility and performance with various solvents

Today's topic: Cellulose fibrils compatibility with solvents

Today the technical application manager from the Cellulose Fibrils division in Borregaard, Otto Soidinsalo, will join me in a discussion on how cellulose fibrils is handling the challenges of system compatibility. It might even give synergies and boost your performance! 


More on solvents systems, tests with several common solvents and instructions for how you can do tests in your own lab, in our free Technical Bulletin here: 

Free Technical Bulletin

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Ole Martin Kristiansen

Ole Martin is the Marketing Manager of Exilva in Borregaard. He holds a bachelor's degree in Media Management and has been with the company since 2017.