[VIDEO] Topic Tuesday: Thixotropy - the recovery after shear

Ole Martin Kristiansen | January 2, 2018

This weeks topic is a follow-up from our last Topic Tuesday. Then we talked about the shear thinning properties of cellulose fibrils. Now, we show you the recovery effect and properties - the thixotropy - of the cellulose fibrils back to its original viscosity. With practical examples! 

Today's topic: the recovery of viscosity - thixotropy

The technical application manager from the Cellulose Fibrils division in Borregaard, Otto Soidinsalo, just continue providing you with some insight on the cellulose fibrils. Just as in episode #3 - Shear thinning properties, he brought some examples to demonstrate his thoughts. 

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Ole Martin Kristiansen

Ole Martin is the Marketing Manager of Exilva in Borregaard. He holds a bachelor's degree in Media Management and has been with the company since 2017.