Reduce Starch Consumption with Exilva PBX

Ole Martin Kristiansen | March 29, 2022

Our world is facing massive disruptions lately. Barely any service, raw material or product goes untouched through this period. Even the starch supply chain is facing wicked times, and every corrugator is affected by the massive price increase for starch. What if you could reduce your glue consumption by more than 15% just by adding a biobased additive to your existing recipe?

A worldwide pandemic, European energy crisis and now the disastrous war in Ukraine. All of which are impacting most of the worldwide markets. The wheat starch industry was already facing higher demands and a great price increase throughout Covid. But as Russia and Ukraine holds for almost 1/3 of the world’s wheat production, the conflict in Europe has sent the starch price sky high.

The same goes for corn starch price. Wheat and corn prices historically affect eachother through the communicating vessel principle, and we already see the change here as well.

Exilva®, a biobased starch additive from Borregaard, could be the solution.

Reduced glue and steam consumption

Numerous factory trials in the worldwide corrugated market have shown an average glue reduction of around 15%, and we’ve seen results as high as 20%. In some plants we have measured steam savings due to use of Exilva in the glue.

It is important to highlight that this product is available immediately, and a test run can be done very easily with little to no risk. We are standby to help you, either remotely or on-site.

Here are some of our customer learnings:

Over a 4 weeks trial without any backup from Borregaard, Exilva gave a starch saving of 13,5% when used on Double Backer only. 
– Customer learnings, Plant 1 (native wheat, EU).

When Exilva was used on both Single Facer and Double Backer, this native wheat based plant gained a starch saving of 16,5%. Added benefits were energy savings from less batches of glue and less steam preassure. 

– Customer learnings, Plant 2 (native wheat, EU)

By using Exilva on both Single Facer and Double Backer, with native corn, one corrugator experienced a reduced glue consumption of 20%. Steam consumption was also reduced by 8% and downtime in converting was reduced by 20% due to much less post-warp and improved bonding.
– Customer learnings, Plant 3 (native corn, EU).

Added benefit: improved productivity

Through our blog series of benefits from Exilva for corrugators, we have previously described speed increase of up to 67%, improved board quality, less warp and less complaints, less waste and more robust storage. All of which results in a reduced environmental footprint. These are benefits added on top of the starch savings.

Our well documented results from close to 200 plant trials will prove our claims. Listen to what our long-time partner Glomma Papp has to say in this video:



Exilva won’t solve the impacting crisis we now are undergoing. But if we could save 20% starch for every corrugated box produced, that wheat and starch could turn into quite a few breakfast tables. You as a corrugated plant would see the financial impact quite rapidly.

Drop us a message, grab a sample of Exilva or run a trial with us to experience a starch saving, cost reducing and quality improving corrugated board production today.

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Written by:

Ole Martin Kristiansen

Ole Martin is the Marketing Manager of Exilva in Borregaard. He holds a bachelor's degree in Media Management and has been with the company since 2017.